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The Internet Is Revolutionary, but You Aren’t

February 3, 2010

Each form of media has its own structural limitations, possibilities, functions, and biases. For example television viewership has a different set of expectation from a media-consumer reading a newspaper or one who is  browsing the web; and each of those have differences between themselves, such as the fact there are different kinds of TV shows, newspapers, websites, and yes, even blogs.

So  if each form of media has a bias what is the bias of the Internet and what in the world is “Net Neutrality” ?

How can we acknowledge the revolutionary potential of the Internet while at the same time claiming that it is – and should remain – “neutral”? What is so “neutral” about revolutionary media?  Neutrality – the unobstructed access to every potential online publisher –  is the revolution. Long gone are the days of newspaper information gatekeepers and the corporate media completely setting the agenda in the newscycle.

In today’s newscycle the blogosphere is an active component, but it is not only online publishers of news content and commentary that is driving this revolution. The sharing of copy-written materials has put a dent in the music and film industry, changed the way in which musicians promote and market themselves, and redefined presidential campaigns in terms of fundraising and public relations.The web has created a world where for any organization to have visibility it must have an online presence; and the better that presence, the more robust and authentic the brand.

At the same time, a free and open internet has opened a Pandora’s box of issues in society, both positive and negative, and the discussion of these issues must be viewed through the lens of liberty and freedom: all discussion regarding negative societal impact and security issues must not create more problems by trying to ascribe old-world rules.

We shall not rest on our hands and allow the global public free speech zone to be shortened, disconnected, or in any way molested by establishment forces. It is difficult to put the genie back in the bottle – to close Pandora’s box. The machine is broken if it is not open. The packet switching protocol is too powerful to be subverted, to be overcome or replaced. I will not be convinced by calls to restrict internet access for reasons such as child abuse, stalking, or technology security. There are things to protect on the internet, but the neutrality of the system as a whole must be retained.

I draw the parallel between the history of the Printing Press and the American Revolution to the role of the Internet and the Global Revolution. Just as the redcoats would throw the revolutionaries printing presses in the lake and try to shut them up, so too do Establishment-types (so called “They”) try their best to shut down free systems and shut-up freedom fighters. Despite the best efforts of the Crown, more presses were created! More pamphlets and newsletters went out! More lies, truths, and half-truths were published and the colonists became revolutionaries. They became motivated to resist, and eventually, win! This transpired, and perhaps was only possible, because of the organ of communication of the Printing Press. So too can we – and we do – use the Internet for a global revolution against the globalist establishment.And so too do they use it in counter-revolution, as with any medium, expect the establishment to co-opt and subvert anything that inspires freedom.

In the current era, our minds are what has become colonized.

I call upon you to write your own emancipation proclamation!

Do not let anyone, myself included, colonize your mind.

Eject the occupying forces that compel you into your own slavery.

We shall not forever be slaves to money, laws, or any other man-made Gods, even the Internet itself shall not keep us down…

Ordo Ab Chao (track 13, title track)

codes and machines!
live from the scene!

information flowing in reams
obscene themes!
that travel in memes!
teams of data!
berate the way ya create-a ordo ab chao!

militarism by the division is not the system we are buildin
thats an anachronism. yet we are in position
to secure our sedition. new era of reason brings
an end of appeasing injustice.

i bust this, cuss down the rusted,
encrusted formerly trusted, adjusted.
colossal. unstoppable. undeniable.
exposure gets closer: disclosure in order.
gettin kind tough to pull off a cover up
because enough info shops pull out the stops.

broadcast the podcast fast pass the master’s infotainment roster.
at no cost become the boss. of the coin toss
which nods to the monster while rejecting the sponsor
which is inspecting our contemplated, annotated, listed, and collated.
the whole place is infiltrated and i’m elated to state it.

i made a debate of it and wade my way through it
and found the way of it is a new way of faking it:
collectivist environmentalist
with a wish list like a Marxist
is the gist of it. I’m sick of it.
imprisoned with carbon footprints
and terrorist watch lists.

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