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Creativity is Universal

February 8, 2010

Creativity is the ability to bring resources together into the manifestation of something new. Everyone has access to creativity. It is not a unique gift bequeathed to only a select few, but a mindset available to everyone and everything. It is a mistake to regard creativity as rare. Quite the contrary. Creativity is the foundation of our universe. My creativity does not come from within, it comes from a million outside sources.

Being “spiritually conscious” is being creative, which has very little do with unique talent (although consciousness can bring about an articulation of unique talents) but, instead, this is the ability to listen for insight. It will manifest in whatever form is appropriate for the individual: they may not ever draw a picture, sing a song, write a book, or produce a rap album, but creativity can appear in people in social and intellectual ways which have nothing to do with the so-called “creative arts.” For example someone who finds a solution to a social conflict is creative even if they never used a crayon or tried their hand at lyrical composition.

I think its important in a discussion about creativity to give people credit for the creative things they do without ever realizing it. Artistic creativity isn’t the whole spectrum of creation.  Some forms of creativity receive special privilege over others. Creativity is not merely an artistic or intellectual composition, but an ongoing process that occurs in every particle of existence.

Being creative is not the ability to create… it is the ability to respond to insight.

Those who are “not creative” are only rendered thus by beleiving the lie that they have been separated from the creative process; that because they do not draw or write they are non-creative. Creativity may express itself through artistic media, but a creative person is not the one with a grand skillset, but the one with a keen ability to see and hear.

Not just to see, but to observe; to not just hear, but to listen.

The universe provides the instructions. I just follow them.

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