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Cyber ShockWave is Mind Games, Not War Games

February 12, 2010

The Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) (who, judging by a quick glance through their press release, are the same people who brought you the 9/11 cover-up commission, pushed cap-and-trade and other carbon crisis gaffs, and are clearly, as Kurt Nimmo writes, “Insiders and Neocons“) are now launching a cybersecurity propaganda campaign called Cyber ShockWave.

BPC’s press release says is reporting that Cyber ShockWave is

a simulated cyber attack on the United States, which will take place on Tuesday, February 16, 2010. Cyber ShockWave will provide an unprecedented look at how the government would develop a real-time response to a large-scale cyber crisis affecting much of the nation.

Tuesday’s “cyber attack is going to be war-gamed, in public, for all the country to see. It will be quite realistic, featuring senior intelligence and national security officials, including former directors of intelligence agencies and combatant commands and homeland security advisers,” wrote Ambinder. In the scenario, “the U.S. will be hit by a massive, crippling cyber attack from an unknown entity. Key players will convene in the White House situation room and plan the response, from mitigation to (possibly) retaliation.”

The idea of transparent security is a fairly contradictory notion. It makes sense for the government to have a plan, and network security programs, to how to “develop a real-time response to large-scale cyber crisis affecting much of the nation,” but it does not make sense to reveal to the entire world what that response would be. The very existence of this public hacking forum shows that the entire production will be a fallacy.

This is a political maneuver and these “war games” are better seen as “mind games.”

Let’s watch the promo.

So, what will this mean on Tuesday? My guess is absolutely nothing for Internet users, while a theater show on TV of familiar experts will be broadcast in an effort to leverage public opinion towards the agenda, similar to War Games that were broadcast in London and America regarding Terrorism.

So, in this political maneuver, what is being leveraged ? This is another performance by the Military Industrial Complex who, to combine their fear-mongering into a single sentence, want to warn you about impending doom as you and your loved ones will inevitably succumb to Ossama bin Carbon Dioxide via E-Mail From Chinese Hackers.

“Chinese hackers” are at the center of the story published in the Washington Post which reveals that Google is developing a relationship with the NSA ostensibly to enlist the NSA to help defend Google’s networks.  Meanwhile Google is leveraging the Chinese government in the wake of their systems attack to lift Chinese censorship policies; turning a hack that — according to Google — originated inside China, into a political maneuver. The “Chinese hackers” are also instrumental in the narrative of Cyber ShockWave, as cold war relics are nice and shiny and Red, once again, if only for the TV audience. The “other” is too easily employed in these campaign and the Chinese hacker is the mythological worst-case-scenario.

Meanwhile, as mentioned yesterday on Axiom Today, Google plans to build and test a super-fast internet grid for 500,000 people in the United States, in a move I see akin as AT&T laying wires across the ocean floor. They are going to build the grid itself and could own the communications business for half a century. Google’s cozying up to the NSA is setting off alarm bells as the system that the Pentagon invented is quickly becoming re-claimed by its creators. From a strategic point of view, they have to throw wrenches into the gears of the Internet, because free communication has smashed information hegemony. After mixed results pushing for carbon emission exploitation schemes and jockeying for and against war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and domestically, Cyber ShockWave is the announcement that the Interent itself is the target.

Google charmed its way into our lives, and I don’t suggest Google is yet breaking its vow to do no evil, but it is conceivable that Google’s independence is under attack since it is thus far a champion of internet neutrality, and now, in China too? Google cannot be brought into the military industrial complex and if it is we will need to change the way we live our lives on the grid.

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