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Australian Net Freedom Activists Plan Global Protest

February 16, 2010

Australian internet censorship policies, and the government which has enacted them, have come under fire by controversial means six months ago, and again last week, when hacker group “Anonymous” employed a Denial of Service attack dubbed “Operation Titstorm” against the websites of a sentator and the Australian Parliament House. In addition to the DDoS attack “Titstorm” called upon members of “Anonymous” to fax and e-mail banned pornography, which, according to the this poster, includes small breasted women and female ejaculation.

As previously reported by Axiom Today, the Australian filter was supposed to prevent child pornography, but “Anonymous” is raising the issue that even mainstream pornography is blacklisted, and makes efforts to not limit this protest to the simply the defense of pornographic imagery. While “Titstorm” succeeded in gaining the attention of this observer for the issue of Australian internet freedoms it was also a politically risky move to associate internet freedom with anarchist acts of digital vandalism, as noted when iTnews Australia followed up on the story in this report.

“Anonymous” is planning a protest of these “draconian” policies and is calling upon the world to make their voices heard at Australian embassies worldwide. iTnews reports

“We wish to oppose this filter because we’re not only representing Australia, but the world,” a Project Freeweb organiser who goes by the alias ‘Infinite’ told iTnews.

“If passed, this legislation will set a disturbing precedent at an international level.

“The public, not the Government, should have the right to decide what is deemed appropriate for you or your family to be exposed to.”


“The internet must be protected at all costs. This is more than an opposition to the censorship of porn, this is the protection of our rights as human beings … to have control over what we should be allowed to view and not have to fear a draconian censor.”

The protest is scheduled for February 20.

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