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“Cyber ShockWave” Films Today, Broadcasts on CNN Feb 20

February 16, 2010

Today top Military Industrial Complex insiders are gathered in a mock-Situation Room at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington to film “Cyber ShockWave”.  Government Technology reports that the “simulation” will be broadcast on CNN on Feb 20, while Axiom Today has come out and declared this is “mind games, not war games.” This is essentially confirmed by Bipartisan Police Center Spokeperson Eileen McMenamin as she tells Government Technology‘s Hilton Collins “I think a large reason that we did this is to educate the public that these threats to exist and that government needs to know how to react in real-time, and hoping to draw a larger awareness to this.” (Emphasis mine).

Michael Chertoff, Fran Townsend, J. Bennett Johnston, John Negroponte, Jamie Gorelick, Joe Lockhart, John McLaughlin, Stephen Friedman, Stewart Baker, and Charles Wald, are being called upon to assume governmental positions for the mock-emergency drill. It remains to be seen if the substance of the “simulation” will be relevant to real world cybersecurity threats.

CNN has a lousy track record for conflating technology problems; one only needs to think back to Y2K, and, possibly, every worm, virus, and digital privacy story they have ever covered. Their technology coverage is what caused a friend of mine to dub it the “Complete Nonsense Network” — identifying its primary purpose as to cause fear in the viewership.

There is no reason to believe that, although interesting, the debate will not be framed in such a way that is not directly beneficial to sponsors General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, SMobile Systems, Southern Co., Georgetown University and PayPal, as listed by AFP.

Nevertheless, paying attention to the storylines and solutions presented will provide valuable insight into the direction of the agenda of establishment insiders.

While it may not hold much technical relevance, and certainly will not be a hackers how-to guide, Cyber ShockWave will provide us with the establishment’s wishlist for how they would re-shape the Internet. Any number of problems will be presented, but it will be more interesting, and revealing, to see what solutions are presented and in what way are the issues framed. Will the capabilities of hackers be exaggerated? Will the culprits be domestic, or international? Will we see political dissidence, such as the Internet’s most dangerous group — 9/11 truthers —  at the center of the simulated hack? What types of disruptions will be demonstrated and how will the producers keep it interesting (ie. terrifying) for viewers at home? The BPC will release a press release following the conclusion of Cyber ShockWave and CNN will broadcast it on Saturday Feb. 20, at 8 p.m.

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