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“…Like a Cold, Black Wave…”

February 20, 2010

My university professor has provided this Final Project

The Internet is slowly being commandeered by unknown authorities, authorities whose agenda could well deprive you of the rights you have come to expect.  Suggestions that there be a “driver’s licence” to use the internet, that there be a “switch” by means of which authorities could simply shut down your connection to the net. Digital policing and surveillance, you fear, is just over the horizon, and you can feel this change coming like a cold, black wave about to engulf your freedom.

How do you tell people?  What do you say to them?  How do you warn the unsuspecting about this creeping, insidious threat?

Create a digital piece that will convey your message to the non-believers, persuading them that you are right.

Max Axiom came to exist because of the creeping, insidious threat, which is not just to Internet freedoms, but to freedom itself. It is a never ending ebb and flow between liberty and tyranny, and in many cases the battle ground is the “8 inch space between your ears.” The war is one of information. The revolution is of the elite, and aims to be the final revolution: the new world order. The issue of Internet freedom is a “flashpoint” in a much larger conspiracy.

The importance of Internet freedom is it has been the medium which has kept the grand conspiracy on guard and in many cases made impotent, which is the point I make with Track 13 of my album.

codes and machines live from the scene.  information flowing in reams:
obscene themes that travel in memes, teams of data berate the way ya created ordo ab chao.

Yet, the Internet information portal – and any public acknowledgment of tyranny — may nevertheless be too little, too late: the technology panopticon is here. “They” already know where you live, shop, work, play. What difference will it make if everyone is RFID tracked if our generation is already sedated to the point of making revolution impossible?

With this project my professor tests us. He is asking if we have the capability of forming a coherent argument based on easily available facts — Or are we just video game playing “r-tards” with no political orientation whatsoever?

When the “cold, black wave” finally washes over us, it won’t be Pepsi Cola. It will be the jackboot of tyranny.

What will remain of a generation who gave themselves away to the Internet, only to have it used against them?

My pseudonym is a thin veil. My true identity is obvious to the powers that be.

Am I simply exposing myself as a thoughtcriminal….

February 20, 2010. To the past, or to the future. To an age when thought is free. From the Age of Big Brother, from the Age of the Thought Police, from a dead man… greetings.

… or can I be a defender of liberty, not merely a predictable revolutionary pawn?

He asks:

How do you tell people?  What do you say to them?  How do you warn the unsuspecting about this creeping, insidious threat?

I answer: We tell them. We say: there is a creeping, insidious threat. But we must do so from a vantage of evidence, facts, and from a perspective which provides enough context, yet, in this case, not so much as to burden the story.

The Internet was born free. A New Hope. Now authorities are commandeering it. The Empire Strikes Back. I hope a few of my colleagues indeed choose to articulate a defence of Internet freedom. In my case, to communicate that message to my generation, I became a musician. To become the change, I became Max Axiom. Our generation rises up: Return of the Jedi.

For that to happen realities of pending “cold, black waves” need to be investigated not simply acknowledged (lamented) in a rap album. Hence the assignment…I thank the professor for making this into an actual assignment. To those who do this project these are, at least, things to learn, and it will produce visual projects which can be referenced by net freedom geeks like me. Win, win.

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