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“Project Freeweb” Takes A Stand Against Net Censorship

February 20, 2010

The Australian Internet Freedoms group “Anonymous” has shown their faces, or at least the faces of a dozen of its supporters, at a small leaflet distribution and sign-holding ceremony ostensibly known as a protest. The group’s numbers are quite small, likely because of a negative association created by hackers reportedly connected to Anonymous. Those who did show their faces at least received news coverage. Despite its lack of visible popularity, itNews has continued to provide coverages of the protest group.

The protest group [was] thinned in numbers but was bolstered by several placards and some photocopied leaflets.

“We are incredibly lucky to live in a time of such readily available data, but if we don’t act now it may be gone,” the leaflet said.

“It [the filter] may seem innocuous enough now, but where does it lead? If the Government claims the power to control what we hear and see, what’s next?”

Faces of "Anonymous"

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