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Max Axiom’s “Freedom!”

March 4, 2010

MAX AXIOM – FREEDOM Ft. William Wallace and George W. Bush

This is Track 3 on my album featuring a collection of video clips I collected on YouTube.  This compresses a lot of memories and experiences into a single project. This video is essentially five years in the making insomuch that I wished to be able, five years ago, to do this, and now, with practice and the right amount of effort, I finally have. It is not exactly a timely video analysis of the political situation, but it is true to the goals that inspired me. Make music that I could make compilation videos to. I started this editing project today. I downloaded about 40 different clips from so many sources such as Fahrenheit 9/11, Power of Nightmares, Military compilation videos, a propaganda campaign from 2002 called “Remember Freedom“, and  and of course, Braveheart. It took me about 11 hours straight to download all the clips and create this compilation. Well, 11 hours, and five years of imagining that I could do something like this. Now it’s done and it’s time to move on.

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