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Time to restart the blog

December 7, 2010

This blog has been on hiatus after the completion of April 2010’s MAX AXIOM REPORT. At the time WikiLeaks had recently released the Collateral Murder video, and the REPORT covered the “CyberShockwave,” a media stunt which aired on CNN and was funded by the Bi-Partisan Police Center. For background information into internet security and privacy, watch the first MAX AXIOM REPORT.

It would seem that I was preparing for what would become the most important story of 2010. I have been following the news closely but have refrained from blogging as I pursue other projects. However, WikiLeaks, and its latest publication of documents dubbed “Cablegate,” has become the hottest topic on the planet. Julian Assange has been demonized while lamestream pundits from the establishment equate WikiLeaks with terrorism. Comically, he has been called a traitor and accused of treason, even though he is not a citizen of America. The media has cooperated with an organized smear campaign which saw consensual sex rephrased as “rape,” even though the charge appears, even more comically, to be sex without a condom, or “Sex by surprise” as they call it in Sweden.

There appears to be two camps forming – a small camp of special interest establishment types who denounce Assange and WikiLeaks, and a larger camp of quasi-revolutionaries who revel in the revelations brought forth by WikiLeaks. I, however, feel uncomfortable in either camp as I have a skeptical eye on WikiLeaks due to the unprecedented attention the media is paying to these relatively innocuous documents. WikiLeaks is not the first media organization to possess classified documents of international importance, but typically the mainstream is intent on quashing controversies. In this case, the government and media got ahead of the story and and began to promote it prior to the release. I am suspicious that this revolution is being stage managed by the establishment, and the momentum of the movement is calculated to enhance establishment priorities.

I am reluctant to worship Assange or defend him reflexively, however, check  out this website which compares Julian Assange to the transgressions revealed by WikiLeaks

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