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WikiLeaks And The Houdini’s Of Politics

December 12, 2010

I want to believe Julian Assange is a hero. I want to believe that Anonymous is a vanguard.
I want to believe we could have a revolution. I want to believe, this time, it’s for real.

However, it’s worth noting: Populist movements are continuously being co-opted and misdirected. Legitimate environmentalism is betrayed by Al Gore and climate change swindlers. Obama’s mantra of “Change” came after “We Are Change” shook up the public’s perception of authority. The Establishment Right such as Sarah Palin or Glen Beck jumped on board the “Tea Party” to offer yet another fake alternative.

False populist movements are always built on what would otherwise be legitimate and noble moral causes. It’s for your family; for your prosperity; for world peace; to save your soul; to keep you safe; for your own security; for your own protection; for the environment; for the fate of the planet; etc. When any of these legitimate moral causes spark populist interest, the Establishment finds a way to spin it into their overall scheme. Social movements become nothing but marketing operations and moral outrages are reduced to options of social participation. Not a threat to the system, an incorporated part of it.

No social movement will matter if people don’t wake up to the glaring problem with the entire political landscape. The Houdinis of politics are always hiding the elephant in the room. An entire decade of distracting 9/11 reality from the public mind. An entire decade of letting the newest outrage get us angry or the newest hope get us excited. A decade of passively letting heroes and villains play games with our heads.

As Axiom Today continues coverage of the WikiLeaks scandals, it is becoming evident that a sophisticated psychological operation is playing out. WikiLeaks, instead of leading the truth revolution, has thwarted it with hundreds of thousands of useless documents. Cablegate represents an over-saturation of low-grade information while the true issues of our day are still taboo. Furthermore, the New York Times is well known vessel of misinformation. Why is WikiLeaks partnered with the liars that enabled the Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction myth?

Given the buzz that has been circling around, I’ve begun to truly question the motives of WikiLeaks. A problem-reaction-solution scenario is clearly unfolding, however it is unclear which solution shall manifest: Assange’s vision of transparency, or the global crime syndicate’s vision of tyranny.

We should stand up for Assange’s rights as an individual.
We should stand up for WikiLeaks’ rights as a media organization..

But those things are completely meaningless unless we stand up for the victims of 9/11, for ourselves, and for future generations.


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