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The Abolition of Distance and trending towards a new world order

December 14, 2010

The trend that technology makes fewer actors more powerful was identified and elaborated upon more than 80 years ago by H. G. Wells in the essay “The Open Conspiracy” (1928). Wells describes how modern technology has banished the Foot-and-Horse era of war replacing it with a situation where one Nation could bomb another with scarcely 20 minutes notice. He termed this trend the “Abolition of Distance”, and declared Nationalism itself to be the bane of Peace on Earth. The Open Conspiracy asks members of elite society — intellectuals, academics, writers, actors, scientists, and politicians — from all nations to quietly but openly denounce patriotic Nationalism and work to create a World Government.

Wells received a great deal of criticism and skepticism for his view that World Government would bring about Peace on Earth, not Tyranny Over Mankind. Thus he laboured to define what a moral World Government would be in The New World Order (1934), offering a Universal Rights of Man, which is extremely similar to the United Nations Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

In whole, The New World Order described by Wells has very little resemblance to the global crime syndicate that we know today. His New World Order consists of individuals using technology and information to countermand the oppressive forces of the world. It is ironic, then, that those very forces,whom you could call the Old World Order, have seemingly appropriated the term in an effort to cover their elitist final revolution.

The New World Order, described by Wells, was a flattening of authority structures through the medium of technology. Although idealistic, even utopian, Wells envisions an era of mass awareness, mass participation, where the entire mass of humanity forms the World Government. Wells imagined information becoming so transportable that vast libraries could be available to everyone on earth. In essays titled “The World Brain,” (1936-38) Wells extrapolated upon the implications of microfiche film and described how “any student, in any part of the world, will be able to sit with his projector in his own study at his or her convenience to examine any book, any document, in an exact replica.” Wells reasoned that ease of access to information will have world-wide transformational effect: “With a common understanding and the conception of a common purpose, and of a commonwealth such as now we hardly dream of.”

It is quite obvious that any mass shift in world affairs is “a new world order,” but what Wells talks about is the final destination of modern technology’s “Abolition of Distance.” He describes the geopolitical consequence of shrinking technology becoming more widespread. The New World Order was what would come after we see how just how dangerous Nationalism is. This was demonstrated  when Germany marshaled media propaganda, industry and technology against the world, and America – then Russia – developed the ultimate international trump card with the Atom bomb.

This, however, is a fallacious understanding of the history of the rise of the Third Reich considering the international support Adolf Hitler received. Although H.G. Wells had identified Nationalism as the threat, it was was actually the collusion of a tiny group of transnational elite that promulgated the circumstance. As always.

Hence, we begin to understand how H.G. Wells was merely authoring the context while nefarious geopolitical actors would manifest the circumstances to prove the point. If Nationalism is a barrier to establishment of World Government then Nations must be made to appear dangerous, savage, and archaic.  Just as psychological operations were conducted far before the term existed against the ideals and political movements of Anarchism, so too was Nationalism targeted as the danger to World Peace. Any ideological threat to World Government is linked together with acts of violence to spoil the ideal’s appeal in the mind of the people.

We’re supposed to believe that World Government means World Peace because it will mitigate the increasingly dangerous influence of smaller and smaller groups. Of course it is highly dubious to expect H.G. Wells was sincerely expecting to bring about World Peace with World Government. But, as with any scam, the salesman is required to offer a tangible benefit to the customer. He offers a moral shopping list of reasons to abandon Nationalism. The traitorous national elite in various nations have been trying to prove him right for the better part of the last century by sabotaging their own governments in the hope of discrediting the very nature of National institutions.

As time has gone on the Abolition of Distance has increased to the point where the World Wide Web is  integral to Western culture and society. In this moment ability for world changing events to be manifest overnight had shifted from Nation-states down to the individual. Technology was finally delivering on the promise of The World Brain, and Individuality suddenly became extremely dangerous to the elite, so the threat was transformed and redirected back to the population when a couple of dudes with box-cutters managed to best the U.S. defense and intelligence apparatus and complete destroy the World Trade Center. 9/11 demonstrated exactly how dangerous Individual Freedom is. This false contextualization is an intense exaggeration of the power of an individual: this is the very purpose of using controlled demolition and denying it. To make individuals appear much more dangerous than they are so they can be controlled much more than they need to. The reality is that it takes more than mere will-power and box-cutters to topple skyscrapers: It takes thermate, stand down orders, coincidental training operations, media complicity, and a command-and-control coordinated conspiracy.

This was a pre-emptive strike against Individual Freedom, using a false flag event to stem the influence of Individual Freedom from threatening the global elite’s plans on totalitarian control. The enemies of the global elite are the ideas and institutions that prevent people from buying into globalist scams. As ideas threaten the elite psychological operations are contrived to disrupt them. This is why we see a degradation of the national sovereignty, conservatism, liberalism,  institution of the family, or farming, and individual civil liberties, such as privacy and free speech. These ideas and institutions have suffered many defeats. A short list of events over the last 80 years shows the trend:

Starting with Wells’ assertion that a single nations (eg. Nazi Germany) can be is a threat to all nations, the trend continues: As time goes on and technology continues to abolish distance, just a small a group (eg. Al Qaeda) can be seen as is a threat to all people. Then, a single individual (eg. Bradley Manning, or Julian Assange) becomes powerful enough to pose a threat to all. Each contrived crisis serves a particular dimension of combating all barriers to World Government.

Thus, we must always be aware how current events are part of multi-dimensional stage-managed dialectics:  Provide the problems, embellish the reactions, and provide the solution.

While 9/11 provided a pretext for war and to attack civil rights and individual freedom, the WikiLeaks scandal helps authorities convince us that the “World Brain” needs a lobotomy – which betrays the what Wells outlined when he envisioned The New World Order in 1934 and a world wide encyclopedia in 1937. I’m not sure if Wells would mind, but it certainly runs counter to his rhetoric. The fact is the idealistic, utopian New World Order described by H.G. Wells shall not be manifest by the governments, corporations, religions or institutions, but can only appear when the people stand up and demand their inalienable and natural rights, and continue to do so for the rest of time.

Rejecting the mainstream media and government lies: is a new world order. Being impervious to deception or corruption: is a new world order. A mass rejection of surveillance society and fraudulent economic crises and debts: is a new world order. Anything short of that, to quote Woodrow Wilson, “is not new, and it is not order.”

We look at H.G. Wells’ writings to understand the intellectual justifications used to establish the global system, but to understand the true implications, we look to George Orwell, who better understood (or was more honest) about what this trend implies: What happens when distance is abolished to the point where a single thought can be a threat to all? The United Nations ostensibly polices dangerous, rogue nations, yet Orwell envisioned a Big Brother totalitarian government which polices dangerous, rouge thoughts. That is the dystopic inversion of Wells’ New World Order utopia, yet it is the natural conclusion when you abolish distance to the smallest possible unit.

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  1. December 14, 2010 1:04 pm

    Is not “modern technology” but rather is a distortion. True technology comes during each “Golden Age” where cell phones are replaced by telepathy, TVs are replaced with remote viewing and travel is replaced with transcendental meditation.

    Once masculine moral domination and its Hell, fire and damnation war mentality has done its duty of learn/teach it is then replaced by the healing feminine energy to teach/learn within ethics, ending the self-survival of the greed based system of domination over other-selves.


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