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Alien UFOs as False Flag operation – Emerging from the Shadow of the Military Industrial Complex and into the World State

January 24, 2011

For a hundred years the stagecraft of alien invaders has been a phenomena of, at least, popular culture. The global unification of humanity against alien invaders has been the fantasy of globalists for generations. Since the time of H.G. Wells, who wrote both War of the Worlds and The New World Order, ET alien invasion and world government propaganda have always intersected.

The radio broadcast of War of the Worlds was a big psychological warfare experiment, but it wasn’t happening in a cultural vacuum: That radio audience had listened in as real news men reported from the frontlines of the First World War. While science fiction worked to provide a theoretical reason to form a world government, the power elite of the world worked towards world government by contriving two World Wars and acted them out.

UFOs emerge from shadows of the military industrial complex. The cognitive disruption is crucial: UFOs are weapons tests, but aliens are much more than that: They are Hegelian problem-reaction-solution dialectic of an “outside threat coming to get us” expanded to the entire world and applied to a psychological war.

In the 80s Ronald Reagan said at the United Nations that he wished there were alien invaders so that we could set aside our differences and unite against them.

Hollywood has acted this out dozens of times.  This year there is Cowboys and Aliens (a steampunkish western where the town has to unite against a new enemy),  and Battle: Los Angeles (a gritty War of the Worlds type movie with promos that say 2011 is the year everything changes) and the new Transformers movie trailers starts with a NASA cover-up of an alien space base on the dark side of the moon, something which has been a part of conspiracy lore for many years.

The fictional world of extra terrestrials has slowly been making its way into the realm of officialdom.  In 2001 a group of “former” military began Project Disclosure to argue that UFOs are real Extra Terrestrial, that denial is the official policy, and that the US Governments UFO files should be released. When they repeated this call for a new president in 2010, CNN carried it Live and Larry King interviewed them. Somehow, the secret society of alien invasion liars has become a part of the mainstream misinformation matrix.

And reasonable people have a lot of evidence to consider. Recall the spiral over Sweden, which are also reported in other places, and the surge of “floating objects in the sky” over London, New York, Moscow.

The program to convince us of alien visitors includes a light and sound show. Could holograms explain anything? What is Project Bluebeam? One shouldn’t have to state the obvious, but even witnessing strange flying vehicles does not prove an off-worldly source. All signs point to psy op. Consider that one such UFO event was predicted by a Canadian ex military guy, Stanley Fulham,who said there’d be UFOs over major cities on Oct 13 – then there was news reports that day of people pointing at something in the sky. According to Fulham, the aliens are acclimatizing humanity to their presence, then they will save us from carbon in the atmosphere (Ya, they will save us from climate change and nuclear war, just like world government will.). Then, two months and six days after his Oct-13 prediction came true, he (reportedly) died.

Exit one operative.

And enter another:

Many weirdos e-mail us about UFOs or how they discovered that they were the anti-Christ whilst talking with their ex-wife at a garden party over a pot-plant. It is worth noting that in yet-to-be-published parts of the ‘Cable Gate’ archive there are indeed references to UFOs

— Julian Assange.

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  1. janet mesves permalink
    January 28, 2013 12:27 pm

    Interesting article. However,the Julian Assange quote does not prove, as you appear to posit, that Assange is an operative of the military industrial complex. In fact, it fails even to prove that Assange is suggesting that the unpublished ‘Cable Gate’ documents which reference UFOs verify their existence in any way. He may even be suggesting that the documents confirm your suspicions that the sightings of UFOs are merely a stagecraft on the global scale for the purposes of psychological warfare. All he says is that there are mention of UFOs in unreleased classified governmental transmissions.

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